Validate sUAS Well Clear Requirements (A68_A11L.UAS.117)

Detect and Avoid (DAA) industry standards have proposed separation criteria to satisfy regulatory well clear requirements for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) DAA operations that maintain separation from manned aircraft.  These distance thresholds are often supported by unmitigated simulation analysis, but have yet to be assessed holistically for compliance with regulatory right-of-way rules, good human factors engineering, remote pilot usability, DAA surveillance limitations, mitigated simulation analysis that includes the DAA system, harmonization with proposed risk ratio values, behavior acceptance by other pilots so as to not interfere with crewed aircraft operations, and so forth.  This project will assess, refine (if necessary), and validate well clear separation criteria for a variety of sUAS operations that avoid crewed air traffic.  This project will also assess smaller separation criteria that is suitable for interactions between two sUAS for a variety of interactions near and away from flight obstacles at low altitudes.



Kyle Ryker
Research Engineer, Raspet Flight Research Lab
Mississippi State University
Phone: 662-325-2395


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