Assure - THE FAA's Center of Excellence for UAS Research
  • Executive Director
    Steve "Lux" Luxion
    • Financial Manager
      Whitley Alford
      • Resource Specialist
        Crisler Herndon
      • Administrative Assistant
        Sheila Ashley
    • ASSURE Core Universities
      Drexel University
      Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
      Kansas State University
      Mississippi State University
      Montana State University
      New Mexico State University
      North Carolina State University
      Oregon State University
      Ohio State University
      Sinclair College
      University of Alabama in Huntsville
      University of Alaska in Fairbanks
      University of California Davis
      University of Kansas
      University of North Dakota
      Wichita State University
      University of Vermont
    • ASSURE Affiliate Universties
      Auburn University Concordia
      University Indiana State University
      LA Tech University Nanyang
      Technological University
      Tuskeegee University
      University of Southampton
    • Deputy Director
      Billy Klauser
    • Technical Director
      Hannah Thach
      • Program Coordinators
        LeighAlison Jones
        Angel Moore
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