Verification & Validation of Remote ID Standards (A40_A11L.UAS.55)

The tasking for this work operationally validates that the ASTM International (ASTM) Remote Identification (Remote ID, or RID) Broadcast standards satisfy stakeholder needs. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Remote ID states that the proposed rulemaking is intended to facilitate onboard pilot awareness of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and to also facilitate certain Detect and Avoid technologies. This research will provide data artifacts that are needed to enable FAA’s acceptance of ASTM Remote ID and ASTM Detect and Avoid standards.

The Unmanned Aircraft System Safety Research Center’s (UASSRC)’s work will be used exclusively by FAA to demonstrate whether Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Remote Identification Broadcast (RID-Broadcast) standards can meet the intent to satisfy cooperative Detect and Avoid for sUAS to sUAS encounters. This task will also assess how UAS RID- Broadcast standards may satisfy stakeholder needs and policy decisions.

This work will provide FAA with information necessary to develop rules and policy related to UAS RID. This work will be used to develop preliminary, internal FAA documents to support standards development, policy decisions, and/or rulemaking. The establishment of safe Detect and Avoid performance for sUAS-to-sUAS encounters is intended to support safe beyond visual line of sight operations (BVLOS) of UAS in the NAS.

The scope of this project focuses upon a performance evaluation of potential RID solutions as employed on small UAS. Baseline performance (range, reliability, accuracy, impact of environmental factors) will be evaluated to determine the expected reliable performance range of such systems in airborne applications. In addition, specific stakeholder-based applications of the technology will be evaluated to determine efficacy for certain mission sets and situations.




Tom Brooks
Raspet Flight Research
Mississippi State University
Phone: 662.325.3509


As part of the initial tasking, the team conducted a literature review of the FAA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for UAS Remote Identification, the ASTM Remote Identification standard, academic/industry sources, publicly available information online, and other available sources.

Read the full literature review. 


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